WPdeposit: How to display user deposits

The wpdeposit function provides you with several ways to display the user deposit balance using shortcodes and widgets (view the docs) but also a function which you can use if you need to display the user balance inside of your theme.

the_credit_type_text function

the_credit_type_text($cap = false, $amount = '', $currency = false, $conversion = true, $position = 'before');


$cap: Capitalize text. True/False Applicable for points and credits.
$amount: The amount to display Numeric
$currency: Show currency code or text True/False Applicable for credits only
$conversion: Convert amount to points True/False Applicable for points only
$position: display position String: before/after only Applicable for credits only



echo the_credit_type_text(true, 30, false, true);

<strong>450 points</strong>

echo the_credit_type_text(true, 30, true, false); //Conversion false (in case the passed amount was already converted)

30 points


echo the_credit_type_text(false, 30, false, false);

30 usd

echo the_credit_type_text(true, 30, false, false);

30 USD

echo the_credit_type_text(true, 30, true, false); //Currency position 'before' (default) (see General settings)


echo the_credit_type_text(true, 30, true, false, 'after'); //Currency position 'after' (see General settings)