WPdeposit version 1.8 finally released

WPdeposit version 1.8 was finally released both through automatic updates and on Codecanyon. Of course all the add-ons have been updated as well so it is recommended that you update all the plugins.

[contentBox type=”Information” ]All the documentation will be updated as soon as possible. Tutorials/articles will be created to guide you through the steps of extending WPdeposit and how to add new payment gateways.[/contentBox]

What’s new?

WPD-advertisement & WPD-subscription

General update and new translation updates


  • Update payment gateways
  • Update payment gateway process – Gateways can now be added through external plugins
  • Added custom actions and filters (see http://docs.uwebic.com/products/wpdeposit#hooks)
  • Updated resources
  • Update core files & code
  • Fix bugs & general cleanup
  • Updated/Added translations



  • Code cleanup
  • Make restricted content message more presentable


  • Added shortcode to list users question
  • Redirect users to question detail page
  • Update log transaction for wpd-qa
  • Update code