The Spirit of a servant

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved by him, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly explaining the word of truth..”
2 Timothy 2:15
2 - Reflect
Paul chose Timothy because of his pious character. Paul understood that with the many trials, persecutions, and temptations that would come against the apostolic ministerial body, that strong qualities of character would be necessary to overcome the snares of the enemy. The Apostle knew that gifts and abilities were not enough to make the ministry a success.

Timothy demonstrated many qualities of a character that every leader should try to develop. Some of these characteristics of the heart are the following:

A spirit willing to learn:

Paul told Timothy: "Continue in what you have learned and firmly believed" (2 Timothy 3:14) Timothy had a heart ready to learn, which made him receptive to receive truth and instruction. Leaders who have this spirit are people who will grow and mature in Christ, and will always be a blessing to their congregations. One should never stop learning.

A sincere spirit:

Paul told the Philippians that Timothy would sincerely be interested in their welfare (Phillipians 2:20). There was no pretense or falsehood in Timothy's life. He sincerely and truly loved the people of God. When leaders do not have a sincere spirit, sooner or later they will begin to have conflicts with their superiors and likewise with those they are trying to guide. The church needs people who will do everything to please the Lord and not men.

A compassionate spirit:

Timothy had true compassion and understanding for the needs of the people of God (Phillipians 2: 20) Love and compassion can not be feigned in a Christian leader who wants to help others. Christ had a compassionate spirit, "... was moved with compassion ..." (Matthew 9:36).


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