Climbing to your destiny

“After this David inquired of the Lord, 'Shall I go up into any of the cities of Judah?' The Lord said to him, 'Go up.' David said, 'To which shall I go up?' He said, 'To Hebron.' "
2 Samuel 2:1
2 - Reflect
When a congregation grows, there are usually "positions" that we must delegate and therefore we need people to measure up to circumstances, because we are talking about the most important thing that God has, which are the souls of the people.

In these positions we must keep in mind that loyal people are required, and that the concept of a covenant with God is well rooted, since people not only follow us because there is a delegation of authority, but they are seeing that we are connected with God, that we are more than individuals and want to associate us with pacts and with loyalty.

The church does not function as a political party, where there are interests from different sides and we see politicians move from one side to another according to surveys or conveniences. When we think of healthy growth, we have to reach Hebron with loyal people, willing to commit to the vision. In Hebron we align our life with the word of God and not with the opinions of others. While in the cave of Adullam faith is for needs, in Hebron faith is to climb high places in God. During the seven years that David spent in Hebron he helped to train others to grow. Sometimes there are congregations that are lacking assistants, they need young people trained, anointed, and responsible.

More than ever, we live in a time of great spiritual coldness, where we only eat the basics of the Word of God, we go to the Church on Sunday, but during the week nobody knows that we are Christians. It is time to make the decision to follow God and maturing.


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