River of all light

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.' ”
John 8:12
2 - Reflect
Jesus of Nazareth declared himself to be the Light of the world. What do you think of Him? What position does He occupy among the religious teachers of the world? Hundreds, even thousands of men are recognized as great thinkers, men who speculated, who published their theories and enchanted many with their intellectual and moral results. These so-called great men who have left the world the products of their intellect have been cataloged as the wisest men the world has ever known.

But they can not be compared to Christ. There was a revelation before the creations of man arose. Their finite knowledge is the result of contemplating the admirable things that have been shining in our world, contained in the teachings of Christ, the greatest of all teachers. Whenever man has been able to elucidate great ideas, they have come through Christ. Each precious gem of thought, each intellectual flash, is a revelation of the Light of the world.

As the sun compares with the lesser lights of the heaven, so Christ, the Source of all light, was compared to the masters from their days measured by finite minds, men are called learned and great; but with all its decanted wisdom, its science and knowledge, it can not know God and Jesus whom He has sent ... No man who has ever lived, or who will live.

At some point in time, they may pretend to be the infallible guides, the supreme revealers of truth. Men may seek to attain the highest standard of wisdom, but there is One, "a Teacher sent from God," who is higher than them. No human teacher can

equal Him.


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